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Openingrepertoire Players - Games

Games of Finocchiaro, Fabio with white
Games # 74

Finocchiaro, Fabio (ITA) (14),

15257088Finocchiaro, Fabio (2565)Nickel, Arno (2625)ICCF70-WCh&ElAB; ICCF 2021
15404556Finocchiaro, Fabio (2565)Robson, Nigel (2602)ICCF70-WCh&ElAB; ICCF 2021
15396780Finocchiaro, Fabio (2570)Prozorovsky, Vyacheslav Grigorievich (2452)WC40/ct/1; ICCF 2020
15041914Finocchiaro, Fabio (2570)Mart�n S�nchez, Carlos (2510)WC40/ct/1; ICCF 2020
15090662Finocchiaro, Fabio (2570)R�sch M., Hermann V. (2460)WC40/ct/1; ICCF 2020
15248235Finocchiaro, Fabio (2570)Pirs, Matjaz (2508)WC40/ct/1; ICCF 2020
14835800Finocchiaro, Fabio (2574)Petrov, Milen (2457)WC39/ct/1; ICCF 2019
14848517Finocchiaro, Fabio (2574)Kharlamov, Vladimir Pavlovich (2486)WC39/ct/1; ICCF 2019
14848588Finocchiaro, Fabio (2574)Panitevsky, Ivan Anatolevich (2535)WC39/ct/1; ICCF 2019
14764510Finocchiaro, Fabio (2576)Sferle, Miron (2498)ITA-ROU 2018; ICCF 2018
14892858Finocchiaro, Fabio (2586)Holroyd, Kenneth (2510)MT-Incelli (ITA); ICCF 2017
13744667Finocchiaro, Fabio (2591)Manso Gil, �ngel-Jer�nimo (2574)GER/GM06/A (GER); ICCF 20171116547
13744688Finocchiaro, Fabio (2591)Brodda, Wolfgang (2572)GER/GM06/A (GER); ICCF 20171045486
13930436Finocchiaro, Fabio (2591)Cruzado Due�as, Carlos (2572)GER/GM06/A (GER); ICCF 2017
14131855Finocchiaro, Fabio (2586)Ljubicic, Leonardo (2601)MT-Incelli (ITA); ICCF 2017
14131857Finocchiaro, Fabio (2586)Straka, Zdenek (2566)MT-Incelli (ITA); ICCF 2017
14131862Finocchiaro, Fabio (2591)Oliveira, Jo�o Carlos de (2573)GER/GM06/A (GER); ICCF 2017
14131940Finocchiaro, Fabio (2586)Cremasco, Gianluca (2489)MT-Incelli (ITA); ICCF 2017
14195365Finocchiaro, Fabio (2591)Wunderlich, Hans-Dieter (2596)GER/GM06/A (GER); ICCF 2017
14195434Finocchiaro, Fabio (2586)Laghetti, Gaetano (2489)MT-Incelli (ITA); ICCF 2017
14195451Finocchiaro, Fabio (2586)Helbich, J�n (2516)MT-Incelli (ITA); ICCF 2017
14195459Finocchiaro, Fabio (2586)Velilla Velasco, Francisco de As�s (2552)MT-Incelli (ITA); ICCF 2017
13744735Finocchiaro, Fabio (2589)Noble, Mark F. (2465)WC36/ct01; ICCF 2016
13606025Finocchiaro, Fabio (2589)Blitsko, Boris Mikhailovich (2494)WC36/ct01; ICCF 2016
13606026Finocchiaro, Fabio (2589)Loinjak, Sinisa (2549)WC36/ct01; ICCF 2016
13627137Finocchiaro, Fabio (2589)Feco, J�n (2474)WC36/ct01; ICCF 2016
13744408Finocchiaro, Fabio (2589)Haugen, Arild (2433)WC36/ct01; ICCF 2016
13744434Finocchiaro, Fabio (2589)Olofsson, Dan (2550)WC36/ct01; ICCF 2016
13285743Finocchiaro, Fabio (2606)Turkov, Vladimir Sergeevich (2533)WC29/final; ICCF 2015
13286224Finocchiaro, Fabio (2606)Oskulski, Jacek (2528)WC29/final; ICCF 2015
13290320Finocchiaro, Fabio (2606)Windhausen, Georg (2505)WC29/final; ICCF 2015
13291841Finocchiaro, Fabio (2606)Ljubicic, Ing. Leonardo (2604)WC29/final; ICCF 2015
13467210Finocchiaro, Fabio (2606)Borstnik, Ales (2583)WC29/final; ICCF 2015
13467325Finocchiaro, Fabio (2606)Serban, Florin (2635)WC29/final; ICCF 2015
13467436Finocchiaro, Fabio (2606)Robson, Nigel (2619)WC29/final; ICCF 2015
13589822Finocchiaro, Fabio (2606)Schmidt, Theo (2358)WC29/final; ICCF 2015
13293029Finocchiaro, Fabio (2617)Hefka, Vladim�r (2568)EU/TC9/final; ICCF 2014
12809124Finocchiaro, Fabio (2617)Robson, Nigel (2609)EU/TC9/final; ICCF 2014
12809125Finocchiaro, Fabio (2617)Fagerstr�m, Bj�rn (2573)EU/TC9/final; ICCF 2014
12814060Finocchiaro, Fabio (2617)Semrl, Marjan (2607)EU/TC9/final; ICCF 2014
13282540Finocchiaro, Fabio (2617)Bubir, Sergei (2591)EU/TC9/final; ICCF 2014
13282771Finocchiaro, Fabio (2617)Rubinas, Pavel (2547)EU/TC9/final; ICCF 2014
12806351Finocchiaro, Fabio (2621)Nickel, Arno (2648)WC28/final; ICCF 2013
13281153Finocchiaro, Fabio (2621)Wunderlich, Dr. Hans-Dieter (2629)WC28/final; ICCF 2013
12813734Finocchiaro, Fabio (2621)Noble, Mark F. (2502)WC28/final; ICCF 2013
10997562Finocchiaro, Fabio (2621)Clever, Hans-Hermann (2520)WC28/final; ICCF 2013
10997563Finocchiaro, Fabio (2621)Boukal, Petr (2473)WC28/final; ICCF 2013
10998340Finocchiaro, Fabio (2621)Olofsson, Dan (2555)WC28/final; ICCF 2013
10999122Finocchiaro, Fabio (2621)Pessoa, Francisco Azevedo (2566)WC28/final; ICCF 2013
11000002Finocchiaro, Fabio (2621)Neto, Hor�cio (2617)WC28/final; ICCF 2013
1568078Finocchiaro, Fabio (2603)Brodda, Wolfgang (2604)GER-ITA 2012; ICCF 2012
10988467Finocchiaro, Fabio (2581)Stephan, Prof. Dr. J�rgen (2546)WC25/final; ICCF 2009
10988506Finocchiaro, Fabio (2581)Rohde, Wolfgang (2591)WC25/final; ICCF 2009
10988521Finocchiaro, Fabio (2581)Giuliani, Sante (2630)WC25/final; ICCF 2009
10988715Finocchiaro, Fabio (2581)Mielke, Klaus (2560)WC25/final; ICCF 2009
10988805Finocchiaro, Fabio (2581)Ninov, Nikolai (2600)WC25/final; ICCF 2009
10988807Finocchiaro, Fabio (2581)�kesson, Ralf (2578)WC25/final; ICCF 2009
10989298Finocchiaro, Fabio (2581)Brooks, Dr. Ian S. (2581)WC25/final; ICCF 2009
7125686Finocchiaro, Fabio (ITA) (2485)Oosterom, Joop J.van (NLD) (2655)WC15 Final; ICCF 1996
7136909Finocchiaro, Fabio (ITA) (2485)Vitomskis, Janis (LAT) (2595)WC15 Final; ICCF 1996
7140145Finocchiaro, Fabio (ITA) (2485)Kilgour, David A.(SCO) (2580)WC15 Final; ICCF 1996
7141404Finocchiaro, Fabio (ITA) (2485)Gefenas, Vladas (LIT) (2575)WC15 Final; ICCF 1996
7157781Finocchiaro, Fabio (ITA) (2485)Cayford, Richard Anthony (US (2525)WC15 Final; ICCF 1996
7162511Finocchiaro, Fabio (ITA) (2485)Sychev, Anatoly Viktorovich (2510)WC15 Final; ICCF 1996
7164087Finocchiaro, Fabio (ITA) (2485)Barlow, John A.(RSA) (2505)WC15 Final; ICCF 1996
11741570Finocchiaro, FabioPeluso, AngeloCorr ASIGC-Jub2000/A; corr ASIGC-Jub2000/A 1995
11741571Finocchiaro, Fabio (ITA)Gudyev, Mladen (BLG)ASIGC2000-A corr 1995
12073929Finocchiaro, FabioLoeffler, Stefancorr; corr 1989
12287970Finocchiaro, FabioRossi, F.ITA-ch29 corr; ITA-ch29 corr 1978
12287971Finocchiaro, FabioGatto, ClaudioITA-ch29 corr; ITA-ch29 corr 1978
12287973Finocchiaro, FabioCasabona, ClaudioITA-ch29 corr; ITA-ch29 corr 1978
12308960Finocchiaro, FabioGasser, L.ITA-ch27 corr; ITA-ch27 corr 1976
12308961Finocchiaro, FabioPipitone, AntonioITA-ch27 corr; ITA-ch27 corr 1976
12308963Finocchiaro, FabioContentoITA-ch27 corr; ITA-ch27 corr 1976

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