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Openingrepertoire Players - Games

Games of Dhanish, P. B. with white
Games # 54

Dhanish, P B (1), Dhanish, P.B. (6),

13290176Dhanish, P. B. (2603)Lecroq, Michel (2606)WC35/ct01; ICCF 2015
13291658Dhanish, P. B. (2603)Toro Sol�s de Ovando, Guillermo F. (2525)WC35/ct01; ICCF 2015
13292980Dhanish, P. B. (2603)Brodda, Wolfgang (2596)WC35/ct01; ICCF 2015
13468672Dhanish, P. B. (2603)Velilla Velasco, Francisco de As�s (2559)WC35/ct01; ICCF 2015
13468803Dhanish, P. B. (2603)Evtushenko, Sergey Aleksandrovich (2537)WC35/ct01; ICCF 2015
13744290Dhanish, P. B. (2603)Staroske, Uwe (2505)WC35/ct01; ICCF 2015
13744556Dhanish, P. B. (2603)Siefring, Carl L. (2485)WC35/ct01; ICCF 2015
13292496Dhanish, P. B. (2600)Dimov, Iskren (2477)Shabla20 (BUL); ICCF 2014
13280751Dhanish, P. B. (2600)Stoyanov, Zlatin (2491)Shabla20 (BUL); ICCF 2014
13280803Dhanish, P. B. (2600)Stalmach, Kamil (2567)Shabla20 (BUL); ICCF 2014
13280904Dhanish, P. B. (2600)Dimitrov, Deyan (2324)Shabla20 (BUL); ICCF 2014
13281038Dhanish, P. B. (2600)Vinchev, Simeon (2454)Shabla20 (BUL); ICCF 2014
13288992Dhanish, P. B. (2600)Ljubicic, Ing. Leonardo (2589)Shabla20 (BUL); ICCF 2014
13289076Dhanish, P. B. (2600)Neto, Hor�cio (2590)Shabla20 (BUL); ICCF 2014
10996478Dhanish, P. B. (2608)Cruzado Due�as, Carlos (2602)BUL-70 years (BUL); ICCF 2012
10997385Dhanish, P. B. (2608)Weizs�cker, Prof.Dr. Robert K. Frhr. von (2582)BUL-70 years (BUL); ICCF 2012
10997386Dhanish, P. B. (2608)Szczepanski, Zbigniew (2559)BUL-70 years (BUL); ICCF 2012
10997393Dhanish, P. B. (2608)Vinchev, Simeon (2382)BUL-70 years (BUL); ICCF 2012
11000681Dhanish, P. B. (2608)Sapundjiev, Ing. Georgi (2369)BUL-70 years (BUL); ICCF 2012
12810002Dhanish, P. B. (2608)Almiron, Luis (2598)BUL-70 years (BUL); ICCF 2012
12810003Dhanish, P. B. (2608)Ljubicic, Ing. Leonardo (2630)BUL-70 years (BUL); ICCF 2012
1570670Dhanish, P. B. (2575)Gil, Maria do Carmo de V (2608)MT-?u?tar?ic; ICCF 20101061460
1572349Dhanish, P. B. (2575)Szczepanski, Zbigniew (2593)Andrej ?u?tar?ic Memorial; ICCF 2010
1574161Dhanish, P. B. (2575)Karacsony, Dr. Zsolt (2578)MT-?u?tar?ic (SLO); ICCF 2010
1576235Dhanish, P. B. (2575)Mary, Patrick (2563)Andrej ?u?tar?ic Memorial; ICCF 2010524843
1579181Dhanish, P. B. (2575)Strautins, Vilnis (2543)MT-?u?tar?ic; ICCF 2010511387
1579327Dhanish, P. B. (2575)Koegler, Klaus (2542)MT-?u?tar?ic (SLO); ICCF 2010
1591388Dhanish, P. B. (2575)Sivic, Jernej (2476)Andrej ?u?tar?ic Memorial; ICCF 2010
2522279Dhanish, P. B. (2530)Jedrzejowski, Maciej (2480)ISR/C49 (ISR); ICCF 2010
2568884Dhanish, P. B. (2530)Arppi, Heikki (2339)Israeli championship 49; ICCF 2010
2580859Dhanish, P. B. (2530)Grobshtein, Evgeny (2315)ISR/C49 (ISR); ICCF 2010867647
2633437Dhanish, P. B. (2530)Krutous, Anatoly Igorevich (2238)ISR/C49 (ISR); ICCF 2010
2678403Dhanish, P. B. (2530)Bulgarini Torres, Marco (2162)Israeli championship 49; ICCF 20101014266
2686141Dhanish, P. B. (2530)Piccoli, F?bio Bidart (2150)ISR/C49 (ISR); ICCF 2010856810
2465489Dhanish, P. B. (2559)Benda?a Guerrero, Dr. Guy Jos (2462)Interzonal 2008; ICCF 2008457374
2495230Dhanish, P. B. (2559)Serban, Florin (2597)Interzonal 2008; ICCF 2008473694
2496794Dhanish, P. B. (2559)Sadowski, Marek (2586)Interzonal 2008; ICCF 2008
2504654Dhanish, P. B. (2559)Brodda, Wolfgang (2536)Interzonal 2008; ICCF 20081053731
2516402Dhanish, P. B. (2559)Noble, Mark F (2478)Interzonal 2008; ICCF 2008
3656768Dhanish, P. B. (2504)Hall, Richard V. M (2600)Interzonal 2006; ICCF 20061176044
3657398Dhanish, P. B. (2504)Butnorius, Algimantas (2591)Interzonal 2006; ICCF 2006571455
3658142Dhanish, P. B. (2504)Dothan, Yoav (2581)Interzonal 2006; ICCF 2006
3659724Dhanish, P. B. (2504)Bokar, Dr. Jason (2561)Interzonal 2006; ICCF 20061107042
3659975Dhanish, P. B. (2504)Acevedo Villalba, Angel (2558)Interzonal 2006; ICCF 2006302663
3676380Dhanish, P. B. (2504)Bunk, Wolfgang (2431)WCCC30PR01(WS); ICCF 2006815332
3687674Dhanish, P. B. (2504)Novikovas, Anatolijus (2379)WCCC30PR01(WS); ICCF 20061187105
3692507Dhanish, P. B. (2504)Lyukmanov, Vyacheslav Borisovi (2352)WCCC30PR01(WS); ICCF 2006572077
3694337Dhanish, P. B. (2504)Misi?nas, Algis (2342)WCCC30PR01(WS); ICCF 2006
3698035Dhanish, P. B. (2504)Raijmaekers, Ren? C. H (2322)WCCC30PR01(WS); ICCF 2006
3714500Dhanish, P. B. (2504)Baumgartner, Ulrich (2261)WCCC30PR01(WS); ICCF 2006936766
9894252Dhanish, P. B.Gaspar, Fernando J. R (1656)ICCF FM/0261; ICCF 2006
10426376Dhanish, P.B.Rao, D.R.K.S.AICCF Championship 1506 2006
10538502Dhanish, P.B.Trehan, A.1506 AICCF Championship 2005
11677336Dhanish, P.B.Mohan, Chennaparampil SIndia7140 corr AICCF; India7140 corr AICCF 1996

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