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Internet chessbase search on the web for pgn files. Found, they are processed into the database. Here you can download them separately, as found on internet. There is no check on the content. The games are in pgn-format.
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2015 3 12
Filename  sa_felagar_a_reykjavik_open.pgn   (zip)
File size pgn #  7539 bytes
File size zip #  2960 bytes
Games #  11

Davidsdottir, NansyKarason, Askell OReykjavik Open 2015 Reykjavik,2015
Steinthorsson, FelixKristinsson, JonReykjavik Open 2015 Reykjavik,2015
Thorgeirsson, Jon KristinnPaillat, CecileReykjavik Open 2015 Reykjavik,2015
Karlsson, Mikael JohannMagnusson, ThorsteinnReykjavik Open 2015 Reykjavik,2015
Thorhallsson, GylfiBjornsson, AlexanderReykjavik Open 2015 Reykjavik,2015
Bergsson, StefanNavara, DavidReykjavik Open2015 Harpa2015
Thorhallsson, SimonHansen, EricReykjavik Open2015 Harpa2015
Valtysson, ThorBrunello, SabinoReykjavik Open2015 Harpa2015
Idani, PouyaHaraldsson, HaraldurReykjavik Open 2015 Reykjavik,2015
Hitzler, PhilippSteingrimsson, Karl EgillReykjavik Open 2015 Reykjavik,2015
Einarsson, Oskar LongOlafsson, ThorvardurReykjavik Open 2015 Reykjavik,2015

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