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Internet chessbase search on the web for pgn files. Found, they are processed into the database. Here you can download them separately, as found on internet. There is no check on the content. The games are in pgn-format.
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2016 2 28
Filename  163rdopenmgu1631090.pgn   (zip)
File size pgn #  3918 bytes
File size zip #  1601 bytes
Pgn contains annotation
Games #  6

Stanchev, PlamenBozilov, Dragan163rd open MGU Sofia2016
Krasteva, BeloslavaMladenov, Andrey163rd open MGU Sofia2016
Petrov, AntonStanchev, Plamen163rd open MGU Sofia2016
Mladenov, AndreyMetev, Martin163rd open MGU Sofia2016
Gelemerov, YaneStanchev, Plamen163rd open MGU Sofia2016
Sharkov, VenkoMladenov, Andrey163rd open MGU Sofia2016

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