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Wojtaszek,R - Lomasov,Semyon
Molodezhka vs POL 2020 INT 2020
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Internet Chessbase contains 11581260 chess games and daily updated. Find games by ECO codes, or use the opening explorer to walk through the positions. Currently there are 1032994 positions. The third search methode is searching in the tags the games.
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Opening Explorer

With the opening explorer you can browse the entire database move by move obtaining statistics. Transpositions with charts are available for the positions.
Continuously new positions are added to the explorer.
Position #: 1032994

Eco Explorer

The ECO Codes is a clasification system for the chess openings moves. Here for info of the chess openings organized by the Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings (ECO) code. The openings are divided in five volumes labeled from 'A' through 'E'.

  • You can download for free the chess games in PGN format on several pages. Downloaded form all over internet. There is no check on these files.
  • Games: single games
  • ECO Explorer: Collected on ECO, in diverend categories
  • Opening explorer: Games split in openingpositions.

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